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New Shows coming soon.

Past Shows:


Feb 8, Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, IL
exhibit opening


Dec 23, Wake the Dead, Decatur, IL
A Toothless Life's cd release show
with Greenwood

Dec 16, Permanent Records, Chicago, IL
Free In-store
with The Kinzie House

Nov 13, Canopy Club, Champaign, IL 7pm
Benefit for Make-a-Wish Foundation>>Photos<<

Oct 21, Jackson Avenue Coffee, Charleston, IL 8pm
with Super Famicom >>Flyer<<

Oct 14, The Courtyard, Urbana, IL University of Illinois Campus 9pm
with Triple Whip and Lowry. >>Flyer<< >>Video 1<< >>Video 2<< >>Photos<<

Oct 1, Cowboy Monkey Champaign, IL 10pm
with Bastian, solo performance by a member of 31 knots, and Watery Domestic (Acoustic).

Sept 23, Pygmalion Music Festival, Champaign, IL 8pm
Salaryman (side project of The Poster Children).

Sept 9, Jackson Avenue Coffee, Charleston, IL 8pm
with Atom Spies. >>Flyer<<

Sept 7, Millenium Park, Chicago, IL 4:30pm
Great Performers of Illinois festival.

Sept 8, Cowboy Monkey, Champaign, IL 10pm
with The Tractor Kings, The Chemicals, and Denison Witmer. >>Flyer<<

Sept 3, Soma, Champaign, IL
Ippatsu Hair Salon Fashion Show.

Aug 26, Wake the Dead, Decatur, IL 6pm
Greenwood and Soibomb. >>Flyer<<

June 30, Cafe Paradiso, Urbana, IL 7pm
Bailey CD Release show
with Digital Emotion and The Midwest Hackers
>>Flyer<< >>Photos<<

June 15, The Iron Post, Urbana, IL 10pm
with Noah from the Elanors

June 4, Forsyth Park, Forsyth, IL 7:30pm
with The Midwest Hackers and Super Famicom

June 3, The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL 10pm
fireflies cd release show with shipwreck, the old faith, Monte Carlos, and fireflies>>Photos: by Dan Muriello<<

May 19, The Red Herring, Urbana, IL 8pm
with The Signal, Greenwood, and Maximo
>>Flyer<< >>Photo<<

May 6, The Red Herring, Urbana, IL 8pm
with Blanketarms, this story, and mason proper.

May 4, Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, IL
Festival 5-6:30pm playing at 6:30pm
Playing at the reception of a festival showcasing the animations of UofI art students. >>Flyer<<

April 22, Wake the Dead, Decatur, IL 7pm
Benefit to Save the Planet with The Infinity Room, Greenwood,
and Jo Pollock

March 21, The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL 9pm
with Skeletons and The Girl-Faced Boys and The Dolphin

March 18, The Shed, Dewey, IL, 7pm,
with Ammi >>Flyer<<

March 11, The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL 8:15pm
opening for Of Montreal and Saturday Looks Good to Me

March 10, Wake the Dead, Decatur, IL, 7pm
with Midwest Hackers Haec Maiestas, Echonauts, and The Invisible Speedholes

March 10, St. John's Lutheran Church, Decatur, IL, 7pm
with Greenwood

March 8, The Courtyard, Champaign, IL 8:30pm
with The Books, Erin Tobey, and Death Vessel
>>Flyer 1<<
"> >>Flyer 2<<

February 24, Lori Ann house, Decatur, IL 7pm
with Super Famicom
>>Photos<< >>Flyer<<

January 18, Wake the Dead Decatur, IL 7pm
with Greenwood, Lori Ann, and The Situation

January 21, Curtis Road Church, Champaign, IL 7pm
with So Long Forgotten and The Tide >>Flyer 1<< >>Flyer 2<<


December 31, Iron Post, Urbana, IL 8pm
with The Headlights, The Elanors, and The Living Blue

November 22, Cowboy Monkey, Champaign, IL 9pm
with The Headlights, Kiss Me Deadly, and Baby Teeth

Nov 19, The Spec, Decatur, IL 7pm
with Rainer Maria >>Flyer<<

November 11, Canopy Club, Urbana, IL 10:30pm
with Ghost in Light, Quien es BOOM!, Headlights, Shipwreck

October 16, Forsyth Park, In the forest
with Evan Marian and Digital Emotion >>Flyer<<

October 13, The Courtyard, Urbana, IL, 8pm
with Head of Femur, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Erin Tobey

October 3, WEFT 90.1 Radio Show 10pm

September 28, The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL 8pm
with Maserati, The Headlights, The Elanors, Mike Ingram
>>Photo 1<< >>Photo 2<<

September 23, Forsyth Community Center, Birthday Party
with Lori Ann and PJ Famicom

September 15, The Courtyard, Urbana, IL 7:30pm
with Xiu Xiu and Yellow Swans

August 24, The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL 9pm
with The Orange Peels, The Elanors, and Darling Disarm

August 20, Birthday Party
with Greenwood and Lori Ann

July 24, Cowboy Monkey, Champaign, IL, 10pm
with Hockey Night and Tractor Kings

July 14, Lake Decatur, Decatur, IL
with Super Famicom and Adam Miller >>Flyer<<

July 8, Cowboy Monkey, Champaign, IL, 10pm
with Elsinore and The Beauty Shop >>Flyer<<

June 23, Forsyth Park,
with PJ Famicom and Adam Miller

June 19, Cowboy Monkey, Champaign, IL, 9:30pm
with The Most Serene Republic, Decals, and Pulsar 47

June 11, The Shed, Mahomet, IL, 6:30pm
with Kingston Falls, So Long Forgotten, and The Difference

June 7, Espresso Royale Cafe, Urbana, IL open mic night, 8pm
with Dave King